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Christiane Lamy

Christiane Lamy Female Bodybuilder

Christiane Lamy blonde, beautiful female bodybuilder and personal trainer.

Birth Date:  December 1970
Birthplace: Trois-Rivieres, Canada
Current Residence:  Trois-Rivieres, Canada
Height:  5’3”
Contest Weight: In the recent past I’ve competed between 124 and 140lbs
Off-Season Weight:  150-155lbs, the later only for a brief period of time
Marital Status:  I have a boyfriend, but we’re not married
First Bodybuilding Contest:  I started competing in 1987
Recent Contest History:  Last year I competed at the International Grand Prix of Canada and at the Canadian World Qualifier (natural Canadian championships). I am preparing for the 2005 Canadian championships
Major Wins/Career Highlights:  Winning the International Grand Prix of Canada; serving as a model for the supplement Fahrenheit by Biotest.
Career Disappointments:  Having to stop competing for a long time because of my physically demanding job as a farm laborer.
Bodybuilders whose physiques you most admire:  Cory Everson and Lenda Murray
Traits you admire most in others:  Being self-confident enough to avoid jalousy.
Traits you most admire about yourself:  Modesty, always being myself.
Best Body part:  Shoulders
Worst Body part:  Abdominals
Favorite Exercise:  Deadlift
Least Favorite Exercise:  Any type of chin up or pull ups
Favorite Movie:  What women want with Mel Gibson
Favorite Music:  I’m a musical person, I love most types of music. It really depends on my mood.
Favorite Food:  Chicken and salad
Favorite Binge-Out Food:  Chinese food
Idea of a perfect Vacation:  My boyfriend and I will spend one week in Las Vegas during the Mr.Olympia contest this year. Hopefully this will turn out to be a perfect vacation!
What would you want to be if you didn't bodybuild?: I’d like to compete in sprinting, I think that I have a good built for it.
Long-term professional ambition:  I would like to be known as a top personal trainer, helping average women get extraordinary results!

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