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 Christina Sondgroth

Christina Sondgroth, The all powerful female bodybuilder.

180lb off season
148lb on stage (last year)

Chest:  40" (42" flexed in a lat spread)
Biceps:  13 1/2" not flexed, 15 1/4 " flexed, and 16" pumped after training
Forearms:  12 3/4" flexed
Waist:  (Not liking this one) 32" off season 29" contest
Hips:  39" off season 36" on stage
Quads:  26"
Calves:  15 1/2"
Benchpress:  205 lbs for sets of 6
Dumbbell Press: 100 lbs dumbbells (yes one in each hand, you would be surprised at how many people ask me that).
Legpress:  Over 1115lbs (both legs)
Hack Squat:  600 lbs
Squat:  270 lbs
Curl:  45lb dumbbells for sets of 6

To tell my story it took me many weeks. I looked at some other Bodybuilder sites to get ideas to get me started. As I did it struck me on how lucky I am to have found a sport that I love and have excelled at. I have only been lifting for 3 years total but seriously bodybuilding for 1 of those years (it was one year in July 2004).

I am not one of the fortunate ones who grew up athletic knowing that, this is what I wanted. I am number 6 of a family of 7 kids, 5 girls 2 boys. I played the normal sports in grade school, & junior high (baseball, volleyball, basketball). When I got to high school I played volleyball my freshmen year, but even though I played very well (even playing some Varsity games) I never really got too hooked.

I did do some modeling in high school and found I loved it. I LOVED (and still do) BEING in front of the camera!!! I always dreamed of seeing myself on the cover of a magazine (the dream is still alive). Well, as time went by and boys, and jobs came and went things got in the way of that dream.

Meanwhile my younger brother was into body building in a bad kind of way. We (my sisters and I) teased him about it. I remember him saying "I am All Powerful" as he would shoot ya a bi shot. I trained with him a few times but never got bit. I have since humbly apologized to my brother for I had never felt the passion I do now.

I was a single mom for about 3 years in 1989 (ok I just aged myself didn't I, LOL) in which I started to lift weights on and off trying to stay fit (still no bites). Then after marrying my husband in 1996, I found myself 4 years and 3 kids later now about 55lb pounds heavier. I was lost, I had let myself go and felt awful. I was on the verge of a divorce and had become a very ugly, angry person.

We came home from a trip to Mexico with my husbands family and I saw a picture of myself (yuck, in a swim suit, 2 piece). I asked my husband "what the hell were you thinking to let me go out in public like that", LOL. He too, was overweight and in no position to pass judgment on me. I was so sick to my stomach when I saw this picture (I hope it didn't make you sick too) LOL, I signed up at the gym the very next day. I did Weight Watchers and lost 20lbs in the first 2 months, but was not gaining any muscle. I started doing The Body for Life by Bill Phillips and within 3 weeks I was getting toned and losing more weight.

Above all I understood what my brother meant when he said he was "All Powerful". To me body building has not been about just the power in my muscles (all though I do enjoy that), it has put discipline in to my life. It has made me be accountable for me. It has made me All Powerful, body, mind and soul. And guess what? This time I got bit by the Iron bug.

I have been training hard for the last year putting the goal of competing someday in front of me. I kept putting it off, but in April of 2004 I said no more putting it off and I decided to compete in July in Modesto, CA. As I shared this with people at my gym they all seemed to think I would be crazy not to hit the San Jose, CA show as well, which was the following weekend. So that was the plan. When I got off that stage I knew this was something I could not turn my back on.

Since I have bodybuilding in my life some amazing things have happened to me. I believe that this is a gift that God has given me to share with people (overweight and others). I believe that no matter how old, overweight, or small you are this sport (lifting weights) can change your life only for the better. I know I have babbled long enough here. So take this away from what you have read "All Power Starts From Within"

Christina (The All powerful) Sondgroth

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