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Christine Brandon

 Christine Brandon Bodybuilder

Christine Brandon NPC national level female bodybuilder.

Birthdate:  January 5, 1966
Birthplace:  NC
Current Residence:  NC
Height:  5’2”
Contest Weight:  135 lbs
Off-Season Weight:  152 lbs (currently)
Marital Status:  Single
First Bodybuilding Contest:  1999 NPC Metrolina in Cabarus, NC
Recent Contest History:  2004 NPC Nationals, Dallas, TX - 5th place, middleweight
Career Disappointments:  2000 NPC Nationals in NYC (16th)
Bodybuilders whose physiques you most admire:  Lenda Murray, Lisa Aukland
Bodybuilders whose personalities you most admire:  Lenda Murray, Lisa Aukland
Traits you admire most in others:  Honesty, integrity, loyalty
Traits you most admire about yourself:  Optimistic, honest, loyal, persistent
Best Body part:  Back
Worst Body part:  Triceps
Favorite Exercise:  Chin-ups
Least Favorite Exercise:  Don’t really have one
Favorite TV show:  CSI
Favorite Movie:  I love all the Harry Potter movies!
Favorite Music:  I like just about everything.  What I listen to at any moment depends on what I’m doing at that time.  For example, when I’m training, I like hard rock/metal. When I’m relaxing, I like old R&B.
Favorite Writer:  Edgar Allen Poe
Favorite Food:  Banana nut bread
Favorite Binge-Out Food:  Homemade chocolate chip cookies
Idea of a perfect Vacation:  Bora Bora – anywhere quite with beautiful scenery
What would you want to be if you didn't bodybuild?   I’m not sure.  I would have some outlet of some type.  I was in martial arts for years before I began bodybuilding. I’ve always needed a personal endeavor/goal in addition to the goals of my professional life.
Long-term professional ambition:  To be as successful as possible as a female bodybuilder as well as continue my education in the field of computer forensics.
What do you like most about bodybuilding: I love the way I look and the empowerment that it gives me, not just physically but mentally and emotionally.  I also enjoy the dedication and discipline that it requires of me.

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