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Jen Cook

Jen Cook IFBB Fitness Pro

Jen Cook is an IFBB Fitness Pro competitior and fitness model from Austin, Texas.

Birthplace: Fairview Park, Ohio
Birthdate: Dec. 20, 1978
Sign: Sagittarius
Current Residence: Austin, TX
Hometown: Arlington, TX
Height: 5’ 1"
Weight: 108-110 pounds contest; 115-117 off-season

Career Highlights: 2001 NPC USA Fitness Championships, 2nd Short Class (IFBB Pro Qualifier); 2000 NPC Junior National Championships, 1st Short Class; 2000 NPC Nationals, 8th Short; 1999 NPC Muscle Beach Southwest Championships, 1st & Overall; 1999 NPC Southwest Championships, 2nd (National Qualifier)

Occupations: an IFBB Pro Fitness competitor; a student at the University of Texas at Austin; NSCF Certified Personal Trainer; a work-study for the University (I make nice little photo copies for the teachers!!); a demo rep for E&J Distributing Company; a fitness model

College Major: I will graduate from University of Texas at Austin with a BS in Nutrition and will fulfill an internship to become a Registered Dietitian (in Sports Nutrition)

Other School Stuff:
- Cheered at Trinity Valley Community College (who are 6-time National Co-ed Cheerleading Champions) for 2 years…CCFC!! Also completed a 2 year scholastic scholarship for cheerleading.

- Color: Purple
- Food: Sushi and coffee!!
- TV Show: Martha Stewart’s Living is not my favorite show, but it is one of the few shows that I love to watch

Hobbies: I like everything and anything. The only one favorite activity I absolutely love is to dance!! Whenever I hit downtown Austin (usually 4th & 6th Street), you will always find me on the dance floor!!

Most Embarrassing Moment: I do not really have one. I have picked up someone else’s dumbbells (a guy’s) by accident and did a set of curls. When I realized that I picked up his, rather than my weight, he got up and left the gym. I felt so bad!!

Other Stuff: I love to cook!! I am a clean FREAK (along with just being a freak!!)! I study for school all the damn time that I do not go out that much because I have to study or work.

Past Appearances: I was featured on News 8 Athlete of the week about 2 months ago. I have also been featured in various newspapers and fitness magazines. I am also on many web sites (mostly different fitness magazines) and currently working on some other sites to be featured!! I attended Joe Weider’s Olympia (for Fitness & Bodybuilding) in Las Vegas (October 25-28) and I worked at a booth advertising its supplement and magazine line. Nuclear Nutrition was the company.

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