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Melanie Thompson

Melanie Thompson Bodybuilder

Melanie Thompson NPC national level bodybuilding champion.

Name: Melanie S. Thompson
Nick Name: "Supa Swole"
Title: Bodybuilder
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 165 lbs. (off-season 2003)
Competition weight: 116 lbs. (USA's 2002)
Residence: Charlotte, N.C.  USA
Career Highlights:
5th lightweights, 2003 NPC Nationals
3rd lightweight, 1998 N.C. State Championships,
1st lightweight and overall, 2001 Metrolina
1st lightweight and overall, 2001 N.C. State Championships;
7th lightweights, 2001 NPC Nationals
1st lightweights, 2002 NPC USA's.
Why did you become interested in fitness? Mainly, because I wanted to look physically fit. I started out as a runner (mainly a sprinter). I started weight training to keep my upper body balanced with my lower (sprinting developed my legs quickly). I was a very petite girl (95lbs, wore a size 1) and decided to quit running and concentrate more on weights to add size to my small frame. Next thing you know I was entering my first bodybuilding contest and I been "hooked" ever since.
When did you first start working out? Jr. high school. As a way to clear my mind and I found I did my best thinking while I was running.
What other physical activities do you enjoy to stay fit?  Sleeping...I don't know that it's considered physical but it's an activity I enjoy.  I also enjoy being outside so, I go for walks or swimming when I can.

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