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Sury Nieves

Sury Nieves Bodybuilding

Sury Nieves is a female bodybuilding competitor and fitness trainer.


International Sports Sciences Association, (ISSA), Personal Trainer

Aerobic Fitness Association of America, (AFAA), Personal Trainer, Aerobics Instructor

National Association of Professional Martial Artists, (NAPMA), Fitness Kickboxing Instructor

Competition Experience:

1st place Middleweight and Overall categories at the NPC Sunshine Regional, March 2001
6th place Middleweight at the USA Nationals Las Vegas, Nevada July 2001
3rd place Heavyweight at Team Universe New York, August 2001 NGA Pro overall Winner at NGA Pro Universe June 20021st place Pro Division at Pro Galaxy, November 2002

I cannot remember a time in my life when personal fitness and health was not important. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of me practicing martial arts with my father. In high school, I was always a member of the soccer, volleyball or track teams, and sometimes a member of two or three. I started bodybuilding as a young adult and have continued weight training non-stop for over sixteen years. I now take that lifelong passion and apply it to personally training my own clients. Over the past twelve years, I have worked with every type of athlete, from the absolute novice, who has never stepped into a gym, to the expert who has been training for several years.

My coaching/teaching philosophy is very simple: to achieve total well-being, we must all have a balanced approach to our training and in our lives. After an initial exam and interview, I will design a program geared specifically to your goals while keeping this concept of balance foremost in your mind. I will teach you to discipline yourself to work on those areas that need additional attention, while maintaining your strong points.

In my martial arts practice, (Bruce Lee's) Jeet Kune Do, one of our main principles is "Using no way as Way, Having No Limitation as your Limitation". This means that in achieving goals, we must constantly research, analyze and develop new methods to enhance our potential and performance. This readily applies to weight training also. Like the mind, the body needs constant, varied stimulation in order to continue developing. This is why I will not only show you how to perform the same exercises with slight variations for greater results, but I will also regularly change your exercise routine to provide maximum results! Another important aspect of my personal training approach philosophy is that I must teach my clients how to workout properly. I want you to know how to perform the exercises safely and properly. Accordingly, with my "super vision", you will learn how to acquire the proper "body feel" for each exercise. If you are new to bodybuilding, you will learn the meaning of terms like, "rep, set, superset, circuit, intensity, muscular contraction, plane of motion, etc. Together, we will achieve your complete physical, emotional and mental development.

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